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Practice Analysis

fill out a short questionnaire below describing your practice. Once summitted, one of our experts will review and set up a call


To get started on your Practice Analysis, simply fill out the brief Practice Building Questionnaire below. Don't worry - we won't share any information to third parties.

Do you have (or are you thinking of starting) one of the following?
Home many locations do you have?
Do you provide services in multiple states?
How may patients/clients do you work with in a given day?
What percentage of patients/clients use insurance for your services?
Wha type of insurances do you take?
What models is your practice currently enrolle with?
What percentage or your total A/R is 120 days or older??
How many days does it take for your practice to get paid after the service was performed?
What percent of claims that are successfully paid/ resolved on the initial submission?
Do you offer any type of telemedicine service? (phone or video)
What is your average net collection rate?
How long has this been an issue?
Are there any services you migt be interested on?

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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