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Billing & Coding

Medical billing and coding is a crucial part of the healthcare industry, as it involves the process of accurately and efficiently documenting and billing for the services provided to patients.

Not sure what type of billing service you need? 

Our team of experts can help 

Billing and Coding Consulting

We offer a wide array of consulting services to meet each practices' needs. We routinely advise clients on how to efficiently integrate software solutions into the billing environment. 

  • RCM Analysis

  • Provider audit

  • Insurance Agreement audit

  • Value based care Analysis

  • Quality Payment Program analysis

Pricing starts at $500 per provider


Medical billing, Coding & Claim Reimbursement

Medical coding is a fundamental aspect of maximizing claim reimbursement. medical coding and reimbursement methodologies enable providers to  maximize reimbursements. Our Medical Coding Specialists have several years of clinical experience in a variety of medical specialties and are CCS-P and/or CCS credentialed.

  • Insurance verifications

  • Data Entry Services

  • Insurance submissions/ collections

  • Appeals 

  • Coding

  • Chart auditing

  • Other

Pricing starts at 4% -7% of monthly collections

Filling Out a Medical Form
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