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It all begins with a simple step - credentialing -

Healthcare credentialing is the process of verifying the qualifications and background of healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and other practitioners, to ensure that they meet the standards for providing care in a particular facility or organization.

At MMBC, we handle and complete the forms while your staff concentrates on what is most important - your patients. Get help from our team of experts to determine what type of services best fit your needs.

Organized Files


Adding a provider to your organization requires time and a continuation of efforts to ensure the data provided is correct. a redundancy of of step and errors between different platforms is due to a limited or no communication between the organization applying and the correspondents. 

Our team has created a simpler way to credential all of your providers. The creation of pre-defined algorithm across all platforms provides our clients with an accurate and rapid submission of documents.

  • Facility credentialing

  • Provider Credentialing

  • hospital/ home health agency credentialing

  • post/ re- credentialing

Pricing starts at $50 per insurance

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