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Team Leads

David Gutierrez MBA,LSS,PMP
Chief Executive Officer

I am Healthcare Administrator with business and clinical operations experience in academic/community hospitals and medical group settings. Our passion is to provide our customers with results that will enable the optimization of patient care  and is the driving force behind MMBC.

Dora Garcia, PhDos
Chief Operations Officer

I've been in the healthcare field for over 32 years. I find that passion, focus, and courage are the key ingredients to success. Translating this knowledge into an actionable plan is the first step to a solid foundation. Our main goal at MMBC is to provide other organizations with the same key ingredients to achieve their goals.

Debra Jackson CPC
Billing and Coding Director

I am a Certified Professional Coder with extensive experience in Office Management, Customer Service and Medical Billing & Coding. I am passionate about the total patient experience and creating a seamless, stress-free environment for both provider & patient -- from initial contact to insurance verification and on through the final payment.

Verronica Mendoza 
Credentialing Director

I am a Medical Biller with experience in the revenue cycle management of organizations. I am passionate in what I do. I’m always looking to challenge myself and learn new things. That’s one reason I enjoy working at MMBC. My multiple years of experience brings our clients a peace of mind when working with us.

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